Art has always been my passion. I have, since I was a child, painted wherever I have lived.

After leaving a teaching career in London UK, my husband and I moved to South Africa in 1967 where our sons were born, bought a hobby farm with donkeys ‘Noddy’ and ‘Mr Plod’ and I taught school in Johannesburg, SA. A fun sun filled 13 years!

Next onto Canada where my husband and I were working ‘captives’ until the mid nineties.

The year 1995 was a momentous one in our lives. With now University graduated ‘boys’, one in Australia and the other Asia, we read a book titled “Take your money and run”.

An impulsive but mutual decision over a glass of wine and a house in West Vancouver that was now too large got us ‘taking our money and running’.

Thus began the real beginning of my professional Art career in our newly purchased home in Nassau, Bahamas where I first had my own studio and began to sell my Art. Later travels .... still  painting, took us to Australia and Italy for 2 years and then  on to Sonoma, California where we adapted our ‘ranch style’ home to include an expansive Art studio.

My painting style has been strongly influenced by my years spent in the sunshine of the Caribbean with it’s intense light, it’s cerulean blue sea  and it’s white sandy beaches. Plus the magnificent colors of Bougainvillea in full bloom, Hibiscus from the palest hue to knockout reds and purples. Initially it was the laid back island way of life in the Bahamas which gave me the emotional freedom to use Art as a focus and passion in life.

Now back in Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC, I paint and sell my Art work from my studio ‘raven galerie’. My Artwork - watercolors, oils, acrylics and palette knife are in homes in Australia, Italy, Mallorca, Germany, United Kingdom, Bahamas, USA California, Vancouver Island, Pender Island and Vancouver, BC.

To Purchase contact:  Lesley Hobbs 778 834 4449

or make a private  visit to my studio ‘raven galerie’ at 955 - 20th St......(the lane), West Vancouver,

V7V 3Z2

Email: lesleyhobbs41@gmail.com